Sunny Sleevez on CNN – Win your own Oscar Swag & Discount

Los Angeles Friday 24th, sun sleeves, oscar statue, sunny sleevez

Even here in Los Angeles,  the land of the dazzling-white Hollywood grin, you’d be hard pressed to find an Oscar winner beaming wider than yours truly this weekend.

The reason I’m in such high spirits are due to all the fabulous write ups we have had in the media this week but none quite so thrilling as the CNN interview with Swag Diva, Lisa Gal who puts together the amazing Gift Baskets for the A-listers staying at the Four Seasons Hotel for the Oscars this weekend.

Not only are Sunny Sleevez pictured (blue tribal sleeves on the left) but also a name check (even if misspelled) at the top of the article so a big thanks to Lisa and CNN and to celebrate we will give away some OSCAR SWAG this week.

We will pick 5 yes FIVE WINNERS who will receive 1 of the following 5 FREE GIFTS!

1 pair of adult sun sleeves, 1 pair of kids sleeves, 2 Sunny Beadz Bracelets & 1 Sunny Beadz Necklace


    You will get 1 entry for each of the following
  1. follow us on twitter @SunnySleevez,
  2. tweet #SunnySleevez protects the red carpet win your own #OSCAR #SWAG @SunnySleevez ends 3/2 RT
  3.  ”like” us on facebook /SunnySleevezInfo
  4. follow this blog,
  5.  comment on here with your entries
Winners will be chosen at random March 2nd


About sunnysleevez

I'm a freckly red head, originally from London now living in LA with 2 pale children. Frankly with our coloring we have no business being such an outdoorsy family and living in southern California. I grew up in a time when factor 8 sun milk was considered the best protection available to combat the hot rays of a holiday in southern Spain, that lead to 3rd degree burns and the rest of the vacation spent in the shade of our apartment. As a family we love to be outside, going to the beach, camping, swimming & hiking. We can't completely avoid the sun (nor should we) but taking sensible measures to avoid unnecessary UV damage is a priority. How do we do that? By staying in the shade in the middle of the day, wearing sun protective clothing (that's why I created Sunny Sleevez), a broad brimmed hat, UV rated sunglasses, using chemical-free broad spectrum sun screen on exposed areas & eating a healthy diet with as few chemicals as possible & lots of antioxidants.
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3 Responses to Sunny Sleevez on CNN – Win your own Oscar Swag & Discount

  1. DLoweinc says:

    Gotta say this is good timing… I was just looking to get some for my son for the summertime to protect his arms!!! *crosses fingers*

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