Reducing Chemical Use – Make Your Own DIY Deodorant Spray Recipe

DIY DEODORANT RECIPEI haven’t been overly concerned about the safety of store bought deodorant, but knowing that skin is highly porous and what goes on it, goes through it, I’d rather not add more chemicals to my system.

Add to that the number of plastic casings consigned to the recycle bin I have wondered about an alternative but never put a whole lot of research into it.

Yesterday, I was stopped in my tracks by the dreaded “End of the deodorant” panic.

Not usually a big deal but I was running late for a meeting, no time to drive to Trader Joes for the one brand of deodorant that both works and doesn’t irritate my skin, and I really didn’t want to risk spending the next 2 hours in a stuffy office smelling like a dead ferret!

A quick search turned up lots of recipes here is the recipe that I used, as it contains ingredients we had in the kitchen and bathroom and I could gather, mix, and use in less than 5 mins.

If you’re worried about the aluminum or other unpronounceable chemicals in your deodorant and would like to make your own, here’s what you’ll need



1/2 cup Witch Hazel
1/4 cup Aloe Vera Gel (or juice)
1/4 teaspoon Baking Soda
10 drops Clary Sage Essential Oil (apparently an effective deodorant essential oils with a refreshing scent!)


Add witch hazel, aloe vera, baking soda and your favorite essential oils to a small spray bottle and shake well before each use.

Spray on underarms. If you don’t like the “wet” feel of it…you can stand in front of a fan for a few seconds , gently pat dry with a towel or flap your arms like you’re doing the chicken dance, which also convinced the kids that mummy has gone bonkers!
*Important Note: Clary Sage Oil should be avoided during pregnancy.


1 application, 14 hours later and after a 1 hour hill hike (cool 65 degrees) it was time for the sniff test!

Self assessment – still smelled nice and skin not irritated.

Hubby (warily) – agreed the pits smelled ‘nice,’ but he is not always reliable as he will often try and guess what I might want to hear.

Kids – my harshest and bluntest of critics, agreed “quite nice, no BO, but I think you have really lost it this time!”

I’ll try it for a few more days and if I don’t any reaction then I’ll make some with different oils, I think next will be lavender.

Sunny Shrugz 50+ UPF Protect Your Arms and Shoulders From Sun Damage...With STYLE!

Sunny Shrugz 50+ UPF Protect Your Arms and Shoulders From Sun Damage…With STYLE!


NOTE – Just because something is ‘natural’ doesn’t automatically make it safe. I.e. arsenic, perfectly natural but if that was safe for human consumption Agatha Christie would have had a far less lucrative book deal!

NOTE- Even if it doesn’t have a warning label, because it’s safe for most people,  doesn’t mean you won’t react to it. I’d like to see any product containing raw onion  come with a skull and cross bones just so that I could avoid a nasty reaction.

Do be sensible, always test a little to see how YOUR skin likes it.

Have you tried making your own personal care items? How did it turn out?

About sunnysleevez

I'm a freckly red head, originally from London now living in LA with 2 pale children. Frankly with our coloring we have no business being such an outdoorsy family and living in southern California. I grew up in a time when factor 8 sun milk was considered the best protection available to combat the hot rays of a holiday in southern Spain, that lead to 3rd degree burns and the rest of the vacation spent in the shade of our apartment. As a family we love to be outside, going to the beach, camping, swimming & hiking. We can't completely avoid the sun (nor should we) but taking sensible measures to avoid unnecessary UV damage is a priority. How do we do that? By staying in the shade in the middle of the day, wearing sun protective clothing (that's why I created Sunny Sleevez), a broad brimmed hat, UV rated sunglasses, using chemical-free broad spectrum sun screen on exposed areas & eating a healthy diet with as few chemicals as possible & lots of antioxidants.
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80 Responses to Reducing Chemical Use – Make Your Own DIY Deodorant Spray Recipe

  1. Makeda says:

    A friend of mine made me a stick deodorant that I started using a few weeks ago. I’m enjoying it but I may have to try this one out too.

  2. nantubre says:

    I read that anti-perspirants may have more than a little to do with breast cancer. Thanks for this post. I was about to look for a natural substitute becsuse it is so hard to find deoderant without anti-perspirant in it.

  3. Anna says:

    love this- thanks for posting!

  4. I’m glad you posted this! I’ve tried quite a few recipes without success my only question is where do I find these ingredients? Aloe vera is not easy to find in a clean natural form but I have the plant itself then, you have Witch Hazel (is it in a juice version?) and Clary sage which I have absolutely no idea how it looks like.
    Thanks ever so much for this post 🙂

    • sunnysleevez says:

      Hiya, I got aloe vera gel from trader joes, I’ve used it for sun burn when traveling and don’t have our plants to hand. The witch hazel I think i got at the drug store, it’s been in the bathroom cabinet so long I really don’t remember where I got it but I think it’s a pretty common astringent, sometimes used on bruises too.
      The clary sage essential oil I had left over from my last pregnancy when it was packed in my hospital bag as inhaling it was supposed to convince my past-due-date daughter she was fully cooked! I think I got it at whole foods but you could experiment with other essential oils that you’ve have used before and know your skin likes. Let me know what you think 🙂

      • Thanks a whole lot for this prompt answer! I truly appreciate & will try it out. I just hope I’ll not forget it comes from you, I’ll try my best… it’s difficult to remember when you follow so many bloggers 🙂

    • My Watering Can says:

      We live in an area with a high Hispanic population, and they use various cacti and cacti fruit in their cooking. So there are bunches of grocery stores that carry these huge aloe vera leaves for cheap. We have a juicer, and so we can just juice up the leaves pretty easily. I’ve bought bottled aloe vera juice or gel at health food stores with only citric acid as a preservative. But you can still tell the difference between that and fresh.

  5. This is such a great idea and recipe. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Reblogged this on The Local Traveler and commented:
    Thought you green travelers would like this! An eco-friendly DIY deodorant spray that you could easily take on the road!

  7. My friend made one for me that was baking soda and coconut oil and my underarms browke out badly–quite painful. She siad that was supposed to happen and eventually I would get over it. hmmm, I didin’t. I think I’ll try this one now!

  8. Just a question… doesn’t regular baking soda contain aluminum? It makes me sorta hesitant to put that on my pits. Would it work the same if you used aluminum-free baking soda?

  9. melaniedawnn says:

    I have been using a recipe similar to this for some time. It has worked so much better than anything on the store shelves.

  10. Great idea. Witch hazel is such a useful product. Thanks for the follow.

  11. My Watering Can says:

    I make a coconut oil, corn starch, baking soda, tapioca starch & essential oil (whatever strikes my mood is what I put in – lavender, clary sage, etc.) deodorant, that needs to be rubbed in. It causes some redness of the skin, probably because it’s rubbed in. I’m going to try your recipe (hoping the baking soda isn’t the culprit for irritating the skin) because I prefer a spray anyway! I love homemade and natural. I’ve been avoiding chemicals wherever I can. Thanks for posting it.

  12. daniheart21 says:

    I use doTerra essential oils they are very very pure, can be applied directly to the skin, inhaled and even consumed with no difficulties other than natural allergies if you have them. This deodorant sounds easy enough to make. I use a natural stick one that does not contain any aluminum.

  13. lara/trace says:

    Reblogged this on what we discovered and commented:
    wE loVe THIS

  14. Admin says:

    Reblogged this on World VisiTour and commented:
    I like this post becuase I had been thinkiong about simple, oragnic, cheap cleaning options.
    I believe there is connection between cancer and deodorants and chemicals in cleaning products (way too obvious ?)

    Do we need so many complex compounds to stay clean ? How about water, simple soaps and natural basic products?
    Marketing plays a very negative roll here and unfortunately women are being affected the most.
    I’ll try this recipe which sounds simple and efficient.

  15. Admin says:

    I like your post, I had been thinking about simple, organic, economical cleaning options and then I found your link.
    I believe there is connection between cancer and deodorants and chemicals in cleaning products (way too obvious ?) . Do we need so many complex compounds to stay clean ? How about water, simple soaps and natural basic products? Think about other “less advanced” cultures.
    Marketing plays a very negative roll here and unfortunately women are being affected the most.
    I’ll try this recipe which sounds simple and efficient. The fact that includes Aloe Vera makes it a winner.

  16. I’ve been looking for a safe, homemade deodorant for the last couple weeks and I’ll definitely be trying this one given how simple the ingredients and method is! How nice of your hubby and kids to take part in the sniff test as well haha 🙂 I’m not sure my family would be that brave! Niki x

  17. Thanks for visiting and following my blog, I laughed at your kids’ comments, Typical!

  18. rbachholzer says:

    So entranced in what I was reading on your blog I nearly burnt my meal! Super products and the idea about a natural deodorant is nifty. I agree. Chemicals! Nasty things indeed. And not to forget one can always buy cruelty-free products for personal use and the household especially when there are so many companies around today you are positively spoilt for choice. Kinder on you, kinder on the planet and environment, and of course the animals. And I’m delighted you like my blogs enough to Follow. Thank you for your support. Much appreciated. Best to you and be well, R.

  19. Mary Rowen says:

    I am definitely going to try this. I usually buy deodorant at Trader Joe’s but like the idea of making my own. Thanks for posting!

  20. East and West says:

    Great idea. However, I’m a guy. Should I make any adjustments to the recipe, other than the essential oil, to compensate for male chemistry?

  21. Hey thanks pretty awesome!

  22. Styles2Love says:

    Thanks for the post. I’m definitely going to make this.

  23. This is an amazing recipe. I stopped using anti-perspirant when the warnings came out about the aluminum. I now use a mineral-based deodorant called: Crystal ( But…this is so easy and environmentally sound that I am going to try it. Thanks so much for posting AND for following my blog. Can’t wait to see your future posts!

  24. Looks like a great recipe – I like my skin products as natural as possible but am generally too lazy to look into making my own. I did have to improvise once a walking trip recently to a very remote corner of Scotland where there were no shops but plenty of other walkers and I’d forgotten to take any deodorant with me for my 3 day trip. What I ended up doing was, after washing, just spreading some liquid soap (or shower gel) neat onto my underarm skin and leaving it to dry (while flapping my arms about as you say above 😉 ). That seemed to keep me from getting smelly on my walks. Mind you, it isn’t very hot in Scotland!

  25. I have been wanting to buy better (for the planet and my body) deodorant. I might try making my own instead!

  26. gretchenwing says:

    Very cool idea. Am tracveling now but look forward to trying this when I’m home again. Thanks for the follow!

  27. Bitey Dog says:

    Thank you for this great recipe. I have MCS, and I can’t use commercial deodorants. I look forward to giving this a try!

  28. Rad! I’ll try this out, it’s gotta be better than the old spice chemical farm I’m currently slathering under my arms.

  29. Gina says:

    Reblogged this on ginahealthfitnesshappiness and commented:
    I have been looking for a spray on deodorant recipe. Thank you.

  30. sassoon18 says:

    A well-expressed article. Singularly interesting!

  31. Toma says:

    i’ve tried several diy deodorants plus salt crystals, lately i use only a mixture of baking soda with lemon essential oil, would love to try your recipe. it might be silly but i have no idea what is Witch Hazel and i do not think i can find it in my country, any suggestion for substitute???

  32. pndrgn99 says:

    Thank you for reading my work I appreciate your time and attention.
    I am also going to try your underarm deodorant as I’ve been searching for something truly natural to try. You have any input on the best source of a real natural lavender scent I would appreciate it.

  33. tbree1 says:

    I dont have all those ingredients, but at times I use plain baking soda or coconut oil. They both work pretty decently! I lol-ed at your kids reaction- my family makes fun of me when I do these wacky home remedies too – but I usually dont mind- it makes it even more fun 😉

  34. Cool!!! My friend has a lot of homemade scrubs and stuff like that and they’re really nice!

  35. aliciabusick says:

    This is awesome! Going to try it! Thank you for posting!

  36. I’ll have to try this. Is it an anti-deodorant or also an anti-perspirant? I’ve been searching all over for an aluminum-free anti-perspirant, as aluminum sprays caused my breasts to ache so badly near the armpits, that seriously thought I had breast cancer!

  37. I use the Crystal or Thai mineral salts also, but this intrigues me as an alternative . . . except I’ll have to skip the aloe. I developed an allergy to aloe at the same time that I became allergic to latex — I suspect a connection, as I’ve met others with both allergies. I moved my aloe plant outdoors for the summer, with instructions to find a new home, and when the roofer admired it . . . match made!
    I use baking soda and witch hazel already, and clary sage and lavender are in my favorite cleaning products from Better Life (clean

  38. Loved the above write up. 🙂 Thanx for stopping by to like and follow my site. Best wishes!

  39. adukemi says:

    This is awesome. Been looking for an alternative. Thanks

  40. I’m so glad I found your website. I am pale and burn easily but also avoid chemicals; they make me quite ill. Thank you so much for sharing such important information.

  41. myhomeintoronto says:

    You should try using a salt crystal as a deoderant, it works wonderdully, it’s cheap, and it’s all natural and chem free

  42. emmalmoore says:

    I never thought deodorant ingredients/recipe would make me laugh, but this one did. I haven’t made any personal care products yet but will try this recipe. Thanks for following my blog. I will be following yours. Blessings.

  43. OMG this is what i need i am totally battling this no chemical toilettries thing right now and deodorant is the worst for you but something i feel like i need in summer ! thanks for sharing :):)

  44. Beverley says:

    I am believer in using only natural things on your body so I usually make my deodorant with baking soda, corn starch and essential oils. I will certainly try your recipe. Thanks for visiting my blog and I will certainly be following yours.

  45. Great post. I may just give it a try

  46. Ron says:

    Very interesting concept. We might just try that. BTW thanks for following my photomania blog. It makes my day to see that people like the pictures I’ve taken. Cheers.

  47. Sarah says:

    Thank you for this easy simple to make recipe. Can I use apple cider vinegar as a substitute for witch hazel?

  48. I LOVE homemade deodorant. Once you start you can’t go back.. I hate the feel of the pasty, white sticks on my underarms now. Homemade is so much fresher! Great recipe!

  49. simaroseblossom says:

    Awesome and way healthier

  50. kalison0515 says:

    This post on DIY deodorant is helpful. I’ve been using a salt crystal for the last six years, but it doesn’t address perspiration under the ‘pits. So be it, I’m not putting using anti-perspirants with their aluminum products. I’ll give your recipe a try. I do think it’s a good thing to be able to rotate effect deodorants. Thanks!

  51. Reblogged this on Confessions of a Coffee~aholic and commented:
    good information

  52. Shannon says:

    Great post and the timing for my finding it is good. I am looking to make the switch!

  53. David says:

    You moved from UK to LA and we are hoping to move from Spain to UK Welcome to Hanukah & the Angel. Love, David 🙂

  54. Kentucky Angel says:

    Hey, thanks for the follow. I love your recipe for the deodorant. I make my own lotion, shampoo, soap, and inhaler for stuffed sinuses, plus scatter bay leaves around to keep out the creepy crawlies that have invaded my building lately since they started renovating parts of it, and my neighbor helped by blowing his apartment up. Can’t stand chemicals around me cause they irritate my MS, and I have to park my power chair in front of my door to keep the pest control people from breaking in and spraying. But, hey, I’m just an old hippie that still makes things the natural way, including laundry detergent that cleans without all the suds, and I threatened a “stink-in” if they didn’t turn the heat on so we could take hot showers instead of the cold ones they were subjecting us to. Rock on girl. And keep those natural products going.

  55. fromawaysite says:

    Reblogged this on Today,s Thought.

  56. I stopped using anti-persperants ages ago much to my husband’s chagrin 😉 I tried a lot of natural options that worked for like 20 minutes… lol. My friends recommended crystal stick. I was pretty skeptical but it actually works amazingly well. Even through my excessive coffee consumption and working out. Even my husband gave up his Axe and now uses the crystal stick too.

  57. The Chaos Realm says:

    I stuff some herbs like rosemary and sage etc in a bottle of vinegar and use it to clean the floors…

  58. Reblogged this on quirkywritingcorner and commented:
    I need to try this soon.

  59. I’ve wanted to give something like this a try for a while. 🙂

  60. SGC Admin says:

    Reblogged this on Welcome to Serenity's Gift Cove (SGC) and commented:
    Gosh this sounds pretty easy to do… let SGC or sunnysleevez know how yours turns out should you try it… 🙂 Thanks to sunnysleevez for sharing … 🙂

  61. SGC Admin says:

    Thanks so much for sharing… I have reblogged so others can also enjoy … have a fabulous day… 🙂

  62. Mel Anderson says:

    Fab, I’m going to try this. I’m trying to detox my products at the moment so I’m glad I found you!! Just trying out sugar waxing at the moment and natural hair products too. 🙂

  63. gardeden says:

    Thanks for the follow! I see we share some of the same philosophies on life, living and leaving bad stuff out of and off our bodies :). Great to connect, great recipe, will have to try it. 🙂

  64. Haven’t tried deodorant but I make a skin balm/cream using organic olive oil, beeswax from my own bees and essential oils. Geranium, Frankincense and Sea Buckthorn in my standard mix but I also do specials for people using the same oils I would for an aromatherapy treatment for them.

  65. Reblogged this on Cambridge Aromatherapy and Massage and commented:
    Loved this simple recipe.

  66. Dr Ken Romeo, MD AM FIAMA says:

    The best parts were your ending Important notes. Ha
    I will actually try this one. Maybe by adding more aloe + refrigeration it will “gel?????”

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