Simple 5K Training Plan For Beginners


Want to shake off the winter woes and shape up for summer? Try signing up for a 5k.
Running a 5K is a great goal for beginners. A lot of excitement and motivation can be generated by participating. But the best part is that even if you’re a couch potato, you can participate in a 5K event with just a couple of months training.
Creating the schedule
First things first, you need to have a clearly laid-out schedule. Running experts have created an easy, eight-week schedule for beginners to help them prepare for the 5K event.
Mondays and Fridays should be rest days, which is very critical for injury prevention and recovery. Sticking to your rest days is also important to prevent you from getting burned out from daily running.
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday should be the normal running schedule. After warm-up exercises, you should start running at a comfortable pace and at your preferred distance. Take note, on the first week you should start at the shortest distance; increase your pace and distance on the succeeding weeks. Experts recommend that you should increase your run by a quarter mile each week until you reach 5K, which is equivalent to 3.1 miles.
You should do cross-training or strength training on Wednesdays and Sundays to increase your cardio and help your muscles adjust to the needs of running. However, if you’re feeling tired or sore after your normal running day, you should use these days as your rest days as well. It’s normal to feel tired or sluggish during your early weeks, so you must not force yourself to run or do cross-training when your body can’t do anymore.
Apart from cross and strength training, your Wednesdays and Sundays can also be a time for the run/walk combination or brisk walking for 25-30 minutes (in the first 4 weeks) or 35-40 minutes (in the last four weeks).

50+UPF Sunny Sleevez

Important note: The day before your 5K run should be a rest day to help your body recover from the training and avoid injuries.
With these simple steps, you can prepare yourself for the run and finish strong!

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4 Responses to Simple 5K Training Plan For Beginners

  1. I’ve always loved to run and, although I’ve contemplated entering various marathons and races, I’ve never taken the time to train for one. In the past, I had the habit of running in the dead heat of the day when temperatures soar. I live in Northeast Texas, so that type of weather is typical for our summers. People think I’m crazy, but I just tell them I love a challenge. Thanks for this advice!

  2. Cassiefairy says:

    Yikes I wish I could run 5k but 5m is proving a little difficult at the mo! You’ve inspired me to give it a try 🙂 thanks! x

  3. ccanino2014 says:

    This is great info even I can follow. Last summer I tried to get ready to do a 5K. Each morning when I was out running, the high school boys track team would run by (imaging my embarrassment!). That couples with some extreme heat tempered my resolve. But, I haven’t giving up. This year I’ve been at the gym working out so I will try again this year. Thanks for the suggestions.

  4. Thank you. Especially appreciated reading about the importance of the ‘rest’ days.

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