KILL WEEDS with Ingredients From Your Kitchen- It’s Easy, Fast and Cheap!

homemade weed killerWeeds are a time and water consuming pest, if like me, you are fed up with them always showing up in the wrong place but you don’t want to add to ground water pollution give these low toxic homemade herbicides a try instead of their more toxic chemical versions.

Many common weeds can be used as either food (dandelion leaves as salad greens), medicine (daisy for a sore muscles and headaches) but all of them are unwanted. Using a more environmentally friendly herbicide reduces the risk to you, your kids and pets.

Strong chemical herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides can end up polluting our groundwater, and get into storm drain run over that goes straight unfiltered to the ocean.

Hands down the lowest impact on the environment is to pull them up and be sure to dig out the roots. Which is fine for the odd one or two but it can be hugely time consuming and frankly a pain the in the bum!

For a quick, cheap way to effectively get rid of weeds, give these homemade herbicides a try.

[NOTE. ‘natural’ or homemade does not mean that they are completely safe for your soil, or you. Keep in mind something designed to kill weeds will likely kill any other plants it comes in contact, and they may cause human injuries if misused.]


This is by far the easiest and safest, as long s you can manage not to spill it on yourself/kids/pets!DIY WEEDKILLER BEFORE AND AFTER PINT

So fill the kettle, bring to the boil pour it over the leaves and stems of the weeds, this is particularly effective for those pesky weeds in sidewalks or driveway cracks. You can also do this over a large area that you’d like to replant after you have got rid of all weeds as nothing is left behind to harm new planting.


Common table salt is an effective herbicide as is white vinegar, and citrus oils, but salt & vinegar can have a detrimental effect in the soil so that nothing will grow after. It can also discolor cement so keep well away from paths and walkways.

We use regular white vinegar sold in the supermarket is 5% acetic acid, this usually works on most weeds, there is a stronger version available in many garden supply stores but this can also be harmful to skin, lungs eyes so we steer clear of that.

Cover or tie back the leaves of all plants not to be sprayed. dandelion diy weedkiller

  • Dissolve 1 cup salt in 1 gallon of vinegar
  • A few squirts of liquid dish soap (helps to stick to leaf surfaces)
  • Few drops of citrus or clove oil (smells nice too)
  • Add to spray bottle.


Multiple applications may be necessary.


Borax, which is sold as a laundry and cleaning product in many grocery stores, can be an effective herbicide.

Cover or tie back the leaves of all plants not to be sprayed.

  • dissolve 10 ounces powdered borax in 2.5 gallons water,
  • Add to sprayer, coat leaves weeds.
  • Avoid contact with bare skin.


Multiple applications may be necessary.

If you’ve been fighting with unwanted weeds in your yard, what other homemade herbicides have you found to be most useful?


About sunnysleevez

I'm a freckly red head, originally from London now living in LA with 2 pale children. Frankly with our coloring we have no business being such an outdoorsy family and living in southern California. I grew up in a time when factor 8 sun milk was considered the best protection available to combat the hot rays of a holiday in southern Spain, that lead to 3rd degree burns and the rest of the vacation spent in the shade of our apartment. As a family we love to be outside, going to the beach, camping, swimming & hiking. We can't completely avoid the sun (nor should we) but taking sensible measures to avoid unnecessary UV damage is a priority. How do we do that? By staying in the shade in the middle of the day, wearing sun protective clothing (that's why I created Sunny Sleevez), a broad brimmed hat, UV rated sunglasses, using chemical-free broad spectrum sun screen on exposed areas & eating a healthy diet with as few chemicals as possible & lots of antioxidants.
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5 Responses to KILL WEEDS with Ingredients From Your Kitchen- It’s Easy, Fast and Cheap!

  1. This has been disproven. It’s all over the internet. It doesn’t kill anything. The salt might kill something in much higher quantities, but the rest do nothing. Vinegar and dish soap?

    • sunnysleevez says:

      Hi Ray,
      I added a pic of one the plants I sprayed yesterday. This was vinegar and salt solution.

      I also poured boiling water on another weed but I will have to get my DSLR cam to take that pic as the ‘after’ has it so wilted into the ground my phone didn’t really show it!
      Also I boil the vinegar in my kettle for a minute so it does double duty and dissolves the mineral build up in the kettle then add hot vinegar to the salt in a glass jug, let it cool before putting in the spray bottle.
      Give it a try, let me know your results

      • I have a number of friends who have tried and complained about it’s not working. It’s been all over Twitter and all over Facebook. Vinegar doesn’t kill anything. It’s mildly acetic. In the old days, a combination of vinegar and water was used to stop the developing of film prior to “fixing” it. Wilting doesn’t mean you killed anything. Killing means the roots are dead. They aren’t, not unless you added about a pound of salt. Sorry.

  2. Wow – I didn’t know these things would kill weeds! I’m going to try the boiling water on the weeds between our bricks. We have a lot of material to work with!

  3. Great tips! I needed this. Thanks for sharing.

    Be a Blessing!


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