Could the Cure for Cancer be Found in the Cat Box?

Cat kitten cure cancer

According to recent reports there is a bacteria inside the digestive tract of felines (house cats) that loves to eat cancer cells.

T. gondiiis a single-celled parasite that is most often found in a cat’s intestines, but it can live in any warm-blooded animal.

“We know biologically this parasite has figured out how to stimulate the immune responses you want to fight cancer,” said David J. Bzik, PhD, a professor of microbiology and immunology at Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth.

The way it works is cancer can shut down the body’s defensive mechanisms, but introducing T. gondii into a tumor environment can kick-start the immune system.

Bzik and senior research associate of microbiology and immunology Barbara Fox, created “cps,” an immunotherapeutic vaccine, as a safer alternative to injecting a cancer patient with the much more dangerous live replicating strains of T. gondii,.

Using “cps” to treat mouse models for melanoma, the study published by Geisel School of Medicine, shows unprecedented high rates of melanoma.

While this research is preliminary there is hope that this might lead to more effective treatment for skin cancer in the next few years.

Meanwhile stay sun safe during hot summer months when the sun is strongest.

50+UPF Sunny Sleevez

    • Seek shade from 10-4 in summer,
  • Cover up with UPF clothing,
  • Remember hat, sun glasses and broad-spectrum sunscreen on exposed skin

About sunnysleevez

I'm a freckly red head, originally from London now living in LA with 2 pale children. Frankly with our coloring we have no business being such an outdoorsy family and living in southern California. I grew up in a time when factor 8 sun milk was considered the best protection available to combat the hot rays of a holiday in southern Spain, that lead to 3rd degree burns and the rest of the vacation spent in the shade of our apartment. As a family we love to be outside, going to the beach, camping, swimming & hiking. We can't completely avoid the sun (nor should we) but taking sensible measures to avoid unnecessary UV damage is a priority. How do we do that? By staying in the shade in the middle of the day, wearing sun protective clothing (that's why I created Sunny Sleevez), a broad brimmed hat, UV rated sunglasses, using chemical-free broad spectrum sun screen on exposed areas & eating a healthy diet with as few chemicals as possible & lots of antioxidants.
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  2. Think of all the possibilites to cure auto immune diseases!! Asthma, Rhumatoid arthritis, allergies, lupus… I think there are almost 1000 of them. It is great news I just wish them alot of success with this research.

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    Some day , and I pray it is not far off, the really wealthy of this earth will think before buying another 10 Million dollar Yacht or that 3rd or 4th 10 Million Dollar home . Just hopefully they would consider that maybe , just maybe that money could have found the cure for CANCER . How many homes , how many boats does it take to satisfy anyone and will one more make you happy at last ? Thanks for sharing!

  4. Yahoo for our little kitties!

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