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Water Wise – 2 easy ways to reduce your water use (and save a few dollars too)

In the shower, turn off the water. Wet hair and body, turn off shower head, then lather up head and body, turn on water to rinse. Most shower heads use 2-3 gallons of water per minute so even turning the … Continue reading

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Recycle, Reuse, DIY No Waste Birdfeeder

I HATE wasting food so I was none too pleased when I dropped an entire brand new bag of peanuts on the not-clean-enough-to-eat-off kitchen floor. I can’t throw the nuts on the ground or the distracted festing birds will just … Continue reading

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KILL WEEDS with Ingredients From Your Kitchen- It’s Easy, Fast and Cheap!

Weeds are a time and water consuming pest, if like me, you are fed up with them always showing up in the wrong place but you don’t want to add to ground water pollution give these low toxic homemade herbicides … Continue reading

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Happy World Environment Day!

  We saw these little goslings as we cycled along the LA river. It’s a lovely ride but a depressing amount of trash gets blown into the river and threatens these, and many other inhabitants of the river.  Now that … Continue reading

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Green Week – Three Things You Can Do To Make A Difference

    Looking to make an impact this Green Week, but aren’t sure what you can do? Below are three great tips on how you can make a difference by changing simple, everyday things. It’s easy and these tips will … Continue reading

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Green Week – It’s In The Bag

  Los Angeles brought in the free plastic bag ban this year which is excellent news. We have been using our own reusable bags for quite a while now. Reusable bags can be bulky to keep with you ‘just in … Continue reading

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A Brilliant Solution Using The Sun – Earth Day

We LOVE the sun! Now this might sound a little odd to those of you who are familiar with my efforts to avoid further sun damage to my pale family. However as part of a remodel we are taking full … Continue reading

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Think Before You Shred

Now that Tax Day is behind us, what better time than the present for a little spring file cleaning both at work and at home. We want to remind you to recycle the folders and documents that you no longer … Continue reading

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A Simple Trick to Save Water, Save $ and Save the Planet

California faces its most severe drought emergency in decades; we are now in our 3rd consecutive year of below-normal rainfall. Governor Jerry Brown has called for Californians to reduce water use by 20 percent voluntarily, and mandatory rationing could be … Continue reading

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DIY Deodorant – Use all natural ingredients, most of which are in your pantry!

I have been using the spray deodorant for some months but I’ve found I also want something a bit more solid and portable so I gave this recipe a try. So far I love how moisturizing it is and no … Continue reading

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